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Finding Neutral Spine & Pelvis.

Neutral Spine is finding your natural S-Shape curves of the spine and the most balanced position of the pelvis so we work in neutral alignment. Where our joints are correctly aligned and our muscles in the correct place to move in a safe and balanced way gaining maximum benefit from the exercises and avoiding causing any harm.

Relaxation Position

Finding neutral spine and pelvis in the relaxation position. Feeling the back of the head, ribs and pelvis heavy on the mat and finding the most balanced position of the pelvis using some pelvic tilts and the compass. A hamstring stretch with the band is a good way to warm up.

Single & Double Knee Fold  - Mobilise the hip joint.

Toe Taps- Mobilise hip joint maintain core connection to keep neautal spine & pelvis.

Spine Curl / Bridge - To mobilise the spine.

Curl up- To mobilise the upper spine in flexion.

Single Leg Stretch - To mobilise the hip & knee joints. Challenge flexion of the upper spine & leg alignment. To challenge co-ordination & improve stamina & flowing movement.

Double Leg Stretch - To mobilise hip, knee & shoulder joints & challenge leg alignment. To challenge flexion of the upper spine & co-ordination. To improve stamina.

PRONE - Start Position Neutral Pelvis & Spine.

Cobra Prep - (Baby Cobra) - To mobilse upper & mid spine.

Full Cobra - To mobilise the entire spine & hips through extension.

SIDE LYING - Neutral Spine & Pelvis.

Arm Openings - To mobilise the spine and shoulders

4 POINT KNEELING - Finding neutral spine & pelvis.

Table Top 1 & 2 - To mobililse the hips & shoulders. To challenge Scapular stabilty & placement.

4 Point Kneeling Neutral Start

Cat - To mobilise the entire spine in flexion.

Sitting Neutral spine & pelvis

Waist Twist Sitting - To mobilise the spine in rotation.

Rolling Like a Ball -  to mobilise the spine in flexion.

Roll Backs - to mobilise the spine & hips.

Standing Neutral Alignment - Floating Arms - To mobilise the shoulders & concentrate on breathing.

Side Reach - To mobilise the spine in lateral flexion.

Standing Back Bend - To mobilise the spine on extension.

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